Michel Reis Japan Quartet




ミシェル・レイス (piano) 西口明宏 (sax) 須川崇志 (bass) 石若駿 (drums) 2015年結成、2017年から2年連続でルクセンブルク大公国のジャズフェスLike A Jazz Machineに出演。2017年9月NY公演。2018年11月ドイツツアー決定。俊英レイスが日本人ミュージシャンにインスパイアされた注目のプロジェクト、満を持してのデビューアルバム。

  1. アンティグア 8:11
  2. マエバシ         8:59
  3. エヴリナウ・アンド・アゲイン 5:55
  4. インプロヴィゼーション 4     2:45
  5. ソルスティス                 6:51
  6. インプロヴィゼーション 2     2:20
  7. シーキング・サイレンス       6:13
  8. インプロヴィゼーション 3     1:50
  9. ロング・ウェイズ             8:02
  10. オールド・フレンズ          3:22
  11. インプロヴィゼーション 1    4:41

All songs composed by Michel Reis

ミシェル・レイス (piano)
西口明宏 (tenor and soprano sax)
須川崇志 (bass)
石若駿 (drums)

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– English liner notes from the album –
The Michel Reis Japan Quartet features Michel Reis’ long time collaborators Akihiro Nishiguchi and Takashi Sugawa whom he has been working with for the past 15 years. They met while studying together in Boston, MA. In 2015, together with rising-star drummer Shun Ishiwaka, they formed the Michel Reis Japan Quartet. This band has since touring numerous times, playing at some of Japan’s most famous clubs and festivals.

The Japan Quartet recorded its first album in 2017, and it features all original material by Michel Reis. The music bears Reis’ typical traits as a composer, with a focus on clear melodic content. However the Quartet also ventures in more avant-garde territory and explores free form improvisation. Four tracks on their new album are freely improvised, yet still focusing on recurring themes and ideas, invented and developed in the moment. Michel Reis and the members of his quartet try to broaden the musical horizon of the band, by taking advantage of every sonic and rhythmical esthetic which they spontaneously encounter while interacting on stage. Michel Reis’ Japan Quartet combines well crafted compositions with a more loose improvised approach in order to create an exciting and fresh musical soundscape.


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